PATG378: D-T-H-A-B

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PATG377: Do You Bang?

Episode 377: Nick is in town! He is unemployed, downloads porn, rides a scooter, and gets interviewed at McDonalds. He also had exciting adventures in San Diego. News Quiz brought to you by

PATG376: Ninja Fire Department

Episode 376: Horse tranquilizer cream. No more texting. Dressing like a movie bad-guy. Brett learns to physically auto-tune his face. Episode title fight. Andrew tries to explain Game of Thrones clips. Andrew gets angry at Puke for not agreeing.

PATG372: Jew Chess

Episode 372: Kid boners return, one word impressions, duelling drops, band names Andrew made up, pulp, Jew chess, bus rant, safety rant, gun ban rant, shopping bag ban, disco love, comic book movies, and more!

PATG370: Dict

Episode 370: AOC will do porn in 2000 days. New race classifications. Creepy Joe Biden. Andrew is dropping loads. Puke wonders what a human steak would look like. The root origins of English words. Andrew gets shushed.